Shooting in Panama City//Panama

Back in December, I had the privilege and challenge of producing a music video down in Panama City, Panama for local indie-rock band Les Indigents  with my friends, filmmakers Justin Key and Hunter Ney. 

We stayed at Hard Rock’s Megapolis in the heart of the city, overlooking the entrance to the canal. It was by far the best view of the city. We shot the entire performance scene on the rooftop of the hotel, 65 stories up, which would not be possible (for liability reasons) in the US.  We soaked in the best view of the city and got some great photos. The underwater scene was shot in their rooftop pool after close.

Traveling for work as a video producer has been far more rewarding than traveling for vacation. I am forced to explore outside my comfort zone to scout locations, gear, hire talent, and find the story. I gain a deeper understanding for a new place and the culture than I would as a tourist and meet people I would never come across otherwise. That made Panama City special for me.

Photos by Yassell, David McLaughlin, and Jessica Wardwell

The Final Product... 

"Volver a Comenzar" by Les Indigents

Director: Justin Key

DP: Hunter Ney

Producer: Jessica Wardwell

Gear House: Congo Films, and many thanks to the Hard Rock staff that helped us pull this off!