Time Warp//Cuba

Going to Cuba is like traveling back in time. It still resembles the 1950's.

We have all heard that before, and that was my assumption before visiting the isolated island. And it does feel that way when you visit, which is why it has been named a "wonder city" by the The New7Wonders Foundation. However, the Cuban population is living in poverty under a backwards government, many without access to clean water, nutritious food, or proper healthcare.

I witnessed these issues first-hand after spending a week traveling the island with an organization called Living Waters. They install water filtration systems in carefully scouted locations around Cuba, providing an efficient and easily managed cleansing system to locals. 

Despite these dreadful living conditions, the Cubans are an industrious and creative culture, making the most of the resources and tools they have. That is why you see so many beautiful old cars on the streets. They look well preserved, but  have most likely been rigged together with recycled parts from five different cars. Streets are lined with colorful homes and store fronts, but if you look closer, you will see the walls crumbling apart. Oh, and taxi drivers make a better living than doctors.  

Yes, the country is a spectacle unlike anything you have ever seen, aesthetically preserved in it's classic 1950's state. But for most Cubans, this way of life is barely manageable. 

Horse and Carriage in Cuba
El Malecon
Soccer in Cuba