The Dead Sea// Israel

Water only flows in but nothing flows out. The water just sits there. That is why salt and other minerals have built up and no life can be found. Just like a spirit who only takes what others pour into him, but doesn't pour out into others. He is a man dead in the spirit. 

These were the wise words of our tour leader, a man born Muslim in Palestinian region, who converted to Christianity and became an Israeli citizen. Very unusual. But I think his words apply to everyone. 

A note about the Dead Sea: Yes, you do float effortlessly due to it's thick density and 34% salinity levels. It has a thick, oily texture and as soon as you lift your feet, you will pop right up. If you lean forward, you will go face first into the water which I highly discourage. You can only stay in the water for 15 minutes at a time before it starts to burn, so you must rinse of with clean water as soon as you get out. You can get a day pass to one of the many resorts there and access their spa facilities in order to rinse off.

Lastly, DO NOT SHAVE for at least 2-3 days prior to entering the sea. I promise it will sting. 

This was the Dead Sea region, on the border of Israel and Jordan, on April 29, 2016.