Big Sur Escape


Sometimes you just need to get away for a couple days- no people, no wifi, no cell service.

After moving to LA and working nonstop for a few months, I needed to do just that. I had never taken an entire trip to myself so I plotted out a simple road trip up the coast of California, to every camper-photographer-hipster's dream, Big Sur. 

I left LA for a long weekend and drove up Highway 1 through Big Sur. If you drive all the way along the coast, it will take a good 6 or 7 hours to et there. I booked this quaint studio apartment Airbnb in Carmel with a great view of Point Lobos State Park. iIf you plan on camping, you aren't the only one so you need to reserve your spot in advance.

I spent my second day just exploring Big Sur. There are so many hidden roads you can take, but be careful not to get lost. Your cell service drops the moment you get there, so plan your day ahead of time!

 I stopped for lunch at Nepenthe, which sits high on a cliff overlooking the Pacific. However, good food and shopping is not really a reason to go to Big Sur so I suggest bringing a picnic and avoid paying $20 for a regular sandwich. Pfieffer beach was my favorite stops- the soft breezes and warm sunlight may have forced me to take a 30-minute nap on the sand. 

My greatest piece of advice for this road trip is to slow down, take your time and really soak up all of the natural beauty Big Sur has to offer.