When I was 5 years old, my family flew from Michigan across the Pacific to visit my mom’s relatives in Australia. I didn’t realize it then, but experiences like that at such a young age instilled a sense of adventure and desire to experience the world that has only grown with me.


Flash forward to present day, and my career as a video producer and photographer has taken me to 20 countries, where I have made life-long friends and experiences that have changed my perspective.  While producing abroad, I quickly learned that connecting with locals is the best way to learn about a new place. Not only will you discover the best places to eat and shop, but you will also learn about the cultural make-up of a society, what make’s it all tic, and how it contributes to the greater picture.


Traveling has opened an entire new world to me, a world of freedom, excitement, passion and love. It has taught me to adapt, to never be complacent, and to seek out others. My hope is to share visuals, stories and advice that will inspire our generation to seek out adventures and live a bigger life, to explore this world a little deeper and bring back stories to share with others. Instead of seeking “rest and relaxation,” let’s “ramble and roll.”


Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.
— Anita Desai